Help Future Residents
Find Your Community

With No Commissions or Agent Fees!

Introducing Hosting Seniors

Hosting Seniors is using technology to create a
direct link between you and your future residents.

"Hosting Seniors allows discharge planners and clients to easily narrow down their search based on the requirements that individual has for care. It’s like Zillow for senior care"

David Williamson,
Hospital Manager of Care Coordination
What is Hosting Seniors?

For Communities: Hosting Seniors let's you manage a customizable community profile with your community description, phone number, website, and services/amenities. These fields are then used to help future residents find your community during their online searches. It's time to take back control of your online presence and stop paying high commissions for placement!

For Future Residents: Hosting Seniors is a free online tool that makes it easy for individuals to search through licensed communities and filter based on services, amenities, location, and other personal needs and preferences.

Our Features
  • Allow users to easily find your business based on your unique features and their needs
  • Let future residents and hospital discharge planners know when you have room availability
  • Customize your profile during your free trial, upload photos, and add direct contact information
  • No commissions, middle-man, or agent-fees
First three months free, then $49 per month. Cancel anytime with no cancellation fee.