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Introducing Hosting Seniors

Five years ago, I created EyeOn App. The idea first came to me out of need. My aging mother lived alone, and my sisters and I became increasingly aware that we could not be with her all the time. We wanted a solution that would notify us if something happened or if she needed help, but that didn’t rely on her pushing a button or calling for help. We spent time researching several options that were available at the time, but nothing seemed to fit our need – so I built it.

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This app quickly grew in popularity, and the attention led to a relationship with the Division of Aging Services in Georgia, and later Tennessee. Over the next few years, EyeOn App grew into a company that developed several other important applications that each address specific needs by individuals, family members, care givers, medical professionals, and law enforcement.

Last year, during regular meetings with the Division of Aging Services in Georgia, I discovered another need. It became clear to me that there was a huge gap in the system for finding senior citizen housing. The state has several needs to help place seniors in various types of housing facilities. Law enforcement officers often need to place seniors in a housing facility when they are rescued from situations of abuse or relocated from an unlicensed home. Additionally, in preparation for emergencies, or even in the aftermath of a storm, it can become incredibly chaotic to find alternative housing for people in the path of the storm who need assistance.  Most commonly, however, are everyday people searching for housing for family, friends, or themselves.

Hearing about this need, I began to research the issues and existing solutions – but I learned there was no simple way of identifying which senior housing providers had availability. The more I read, the more I realized how similar the senior housing industry is to the real estate market 15 years ago; there was an expensive "middle man” between the provider of the housing and those searching. But, I could solve these issues with technology - and that is what Hosting Seniors aims to do.

Over the past year, we have been working with the State of George and senior housing facilities across the state to develop a preliminary version for the state. While the target users began as government and law officials, we have learned along the way that there are many other users who would benefit from Hosting Seniors – from hospital personnel, to doctors’ offices, to individuals seeking housing. As a company, our mission is to make it easier for anyone to find the right home based on specific wants or needs.

We are excited to introduce Hosting Seniors, which we expect to launch in early 2019 in the state of Georgia. As we load more information and onboard additional facilities, we plan to expand countrywide in the following months.

I personally look forward to helping take the stress out of the finding housing for senior citizens and giving you peace of mind that your loved one is getting the care and attention they need.

~ Dave Cardell, Founder of Hosting Seniors LLC