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How to Choose a Senior Care Community

Hosting Seniors - How to Choose a Senior Care Community Caring for an aging parent or loved one is challenging. Eventually the time may come for you to move your relative from their home into a sen...

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The Benefits of Laughing

Hosting Seniors - The Benefits of Laughing They say that laughter is the best medicine… and they’re not wrong! This hysterical panacea works wonders for the physical and mental wellbeing...

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How Person-Centered Care Affects Seniors

Person-centered care entered the healthcare lexicon at the start of this millennium when the Institute of Medicine named it a top healthcare priority for the 21st century. The concept picked up steam...

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Elder Law 101

Taking care of an aging parent or loved one is challenging. Care becomes even more complicated when legal issues arise, especially if your loved one is disabled or has memory problems. That’s wh...

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Ridesharing 101

Smartphone apps like Uber and Lyft have made getting a ride as easy as a few taps. We’re sharing how senior citizens can safely take advantage of ridesharing, whether or not they have smartphone...

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Self Care for Senior Citizens

It’s easy to get carried away with caring for others when you’re a loving parent or grandparent, and neglect your own needs. Here’s how to show yourself some love in your golden year...

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